Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet Flight, Sudden Ending!

This is the 2nd, and last, flight of the RU-486.
Yes, I named it after the "Morning After Pill".
Just the thing for a Saturday or Sunday morning.
The 1st flight the day before was on an Aerotek
I161 motor, this flight is on an experimental I947
motor burning Sorbitol diet sugar and Potassium
The launch was on 7/8/07 deep in the heart of
Pecos County, Texas. Courtesy of WestTex Tripoli.
The photographer was lucky to catch it, it was
already hauling ass. In fact, the acceleration
was so high that the control altimeter shifted
backwards causing the contact pins to pull out of
the connector body on the wireing harness. Pulling
one contact with pliers is tough, pulling all 4 at
once is impressive. Of course, with the altimeter
disconnected, the rocket ended up in a hole. A
deep one. I had to borrow a shovel.
Basic Specs: 5ft tall, 2 1/4"dia., ACME Fincan,
38mm motormount, Adept ALT-S2 altimeter,
rigged for single chute recovery.
I gave it a lot of thought before posting an
unsuccesful flight as the first rocket pic on here,
but it's important to remember that one usually
learns more from failure than success. This is a
great pic anyway, and it makes a flashy intro to
my sugar motor research which will be expanded
upon in the next couple posts.

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