Monday, June 29, 2009

The search for Little Joe III goes on.

Dick Stafford of Dick's Rocket Dungeon linked me to
this illustration he posted a couple years ago.
Is this the shape of Little Joe III?  
The search goes on.
It's certainly conjecture in the illustration since it shows
3 possible versions, and it shows a generic Apollo style
escape tower on the cone.
I would discount the 2 segment SRB version outright.
Even if ATK had already developed it, it would be
expensive, and offer only one performance  profile.
Version 2 with the 2 surplus Minuteman 1st stages
would be neat, and answers the above problems a
bit better.  Now version 3 with the GEM-60's, that's
the ticket!  Load'er up with however many strap-on's
needed for a particular test, and let'er rip!
Quantity discounts when ordering by the truckload.

BTW: Dick ran a stability sim on a 3"dia modroc of
the MLAS in my previous post.
Check it at:


  1. If you like Little Joes, you might like this one

    Thanks for the trackback ;)

  2. You well earned that trackback Dick.

    That is strange.
    I'll have to dig up that issue of High Power, I recall the article now that you mention it.
    Why the Hell would NASA want to loft a LEM inside Earth's atmosphere and gravity?

    I think what I like about Little Joes is that they practically overlap amatuer rocketry in many ways, more so than most sounding rockets programs.
    Of course, I like stubbies anyway.