Friday, July 17, 2009

Uncle Walt Believed

Early today I read that NASA released some early photos
from the LRO, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, showing
most of the Apollo landing sites on the moon.
Curmudgeons Corner, the blog that clued me in,  said that
the conspiracy nuts are now invited to apologize and then
shut up.   My first thought was that this is a NASA
spacecraft and therefore not independant coroboration.  

I didn't bother leaving a comment, let alone feeling the
need to compose this post.

On the evening news I found out that Walter Cronkite
passed away today. I grew up watching Uncle Walt on
the news.  He was a great great man, and a first rate
journalist.  He was also a staunch supporter of the space
program, but no wide eyed fool.  So, here's my answer to
all the lunar landing hoax theorists;  

Walter Cronkite believed!

Goodbye Walt, you'll be missed.  11/4/16-7/17/09


  1. I once tried to use logic and examples of camera exposure range limitations to explain to moon-hoax idiots how their "evidence" was wrong, but they wanted to believe that stars should be visible during the lunar day against blinding white powder.
    Should have invoked the Cronkite clause.

    He was the most-trusted man in America for decades, with good reason.

  2. Why did it not look like Tiger Wood was walking on the moon in a recent commercial?
    Clue; IF perpetrating a hoax, NASA could NOT have gotten this right if they tried their hearts out.
    2nd Clue; It was especially obvious in the rover vids.

    "And that's the way it is."

  3. No takers on the above riddle?

    I was reminded today of another proof that we landed on the moon.
    If we hade faked it, the Soviets would've ratted us out big time, then completed thier moon landing program instead of throwing in the towel.

  4. Not that I believe for one nano-second that the landing did not occur... but if it was a hoax, then it was the most elaborate con job this planet has ever seen and NASA should be commended anyway.

  5. Well that's one way to look at it.

    Those Saturn V's were real enough. Maaaan!
    And they had to be going somewhere.