Sunday, September 27, 2009

Campitch 1 Monocopter Pt1

This is the Campitch 1.  The 1st of 2 recently finished
monocopters. Both monos employ quite different wing
control mechanisms, but I decided to build both at once
because most of the construction is routine enough to be
a bit boring and I always mix too much epoxy  anyway.  

The Campitch 1 uses a system similar to that of the
Rotary Space Ship that I posted about back in March of
this year. When the vehicle begins to rotate, centrifigal
force causes the wing to slide outward on its' pivot rod,
as it does so, a pin on top of the wing root follows a
cam track causing the wing to rotate from down pitch to
up so that it can ascend.  Once the motor burns out, the
mono will slow it's spin until a spring can retract the
wing, returning it to down pitch so that it can autorotate
for a gentle landing.   No stopping, no falling.  

Now, I've done away with the burn string that the
Mousetrap requires.  After I work the bugs out on D12's,
I'll be able to fly it on my own small moonburn sugar motors.

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