Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My very 1st Rocket, Corny but Cool.

This had to be my first rocket, such as it was.
I'm sure it wasn't my first parachute though,
there were doubtless some paratroopers before
then, certainly plenty of them after. You could
always tell where my brother and I lived, there
were always parachutes, or the remains of
parachutes, hung from the wires and trees near
the house.  Actually, it wasn't too long before
we were making our own 'chutes out of whatever
came to hand.
I was only 4 or 5 years old, but I remember
getting the Corn Flakes and going positively
apeshit over the Corny 7 offer.  I remember
having to wait till the cereal was gone before
we could cut off the boxtop and send it off
with the whopping 35cents.  Y'know, back
then, food would actually get stale after a
while.  I still remember the agony of waiting
and the pure joy of the package arrival. To
this day ordering stuff is at least as much fun
as fondling stuff in a store, especially in this
electronic age we live in.  
 I admit it, Ebay be FUN!
I remember playing with the Corny 7 in the
back yard and the "Foomp!" sound it made as
you launched the capsule.   I also remember
playing with it awfully close to the apartment
building, but I don't actually remember
whatever became of it. Likely I put it on the
As I rcollect, being the Corny 7, the astronaut
figure in the capsule was Corny the Rooster.
The available info doesn't seem to support this
though.  I question whether all of the capsules
were blue.  I keep thinking mine was red.
Thanks to RBToys.com.


  1. Nice story! So, what was the power to launch the thing?

    My first rocket was spring powered. The set had a bank of small missiles that, as I remember, looked like Hawks. And one bigger Atlas ICBM-like rocket. This one launched with a satisfying thump and would hit the high roof in my Grandparent's place. The only pyro was a cap holder in it's tip. I've searched the web a few times and never found any reference to it.

    The rest is history :)

  2. The Corny 7 was forearm powered.
    The lower blue & black section is a piston, you slam the piston, it pressurizes the white cardboard tube and "Foomp" the capsule and chute take flight.