Friday, October 15, 2010

Tig Bitty Alert

The orange paper has an exact [from the screen] print of
the other side of the shot glass.

This blogpost was substantially written by my brother Keith
and first appeared in his blog; Zzakk's Garage
last year. I
edited it to make myself 1st person and
made some additions.

Back in 1991 when my brother and I owned a screen printing
company (that did everything but T-shirts)
we used to make
personal items from time to time.
Keith handled the artwork
/typsetting and darkroom,
plus made the screens--I was in
charge of the
machinery and tooling (makes perfect sense if
you know
us) and then we would do the actual printing

I had Keith pirate the art of Patty Melt [one of Cherry's friends]
whipping out her tig old bitties from a Cherry
Comics adult
comic book, and we printed at most a dozen
shot glasses
[1 sub-carton]. We shipped two of the shot
glasses to Larry
Welz, the comic's author, who then sent us
the original and
never-seen-before-now drawing that's in
the frame. We
traded a few comments about our favorite
liquors and
thoughts on doing a production run.
Unfortunately, our
epoxy based glass ink wasn't durable
enough for hard use
[we termed it "Souvineer Quality"]
so we declined due
to warranty concerns.

We put milk in the glass so our printing would be legible in
the photo, then drank it. Till someone else brought it up,
we never thought about the humor of our choice of liquid.

Probably the only time Keith has tasted white milk since
made the shotglasses 18 years ago.
Personally, I can't get enough of the stuff.

The first issue of Cherry Comics was titled Cherry Poptart.
A great way to infuriate Kelloggs and Archie Comics at the
same time. There were some not so thinly disguised Archie
characters in that first issue too.

Time to Google Larry Welz and see what he's up to lately. If you're 18 or older.

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