Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blog Annoyance

The previous blogpost has the wrong date.
It should've read June, not January.
The reason why is smart software that is dumber than I would've thought.
Instead of using the date when it was actually posted, the software used the date from when the post was first created and saved as a draft, this despite extensive editing and additions the day I actually posted it. While the draft date might be useful information to me in a nagging sort of way, it is totally useless to the reader.
There are a couple other drafts scattered in my Edit Posts section, and if I decide to use them eventually, I'll now have to remember to paste them into a new post rather than risk them posting with the wrong date, or worse, being inserted amidst older posts outright. I would consider that to be an example of revisionist history, albeit minor and unintended. Rereading my old posts, I've run across quite a bit of stuff that could use reediting, but most are of the typesetting or spelling variety plus a few phrases that could've been done better. Just not worth the effort. If I found some gross errors, that might be a different story
People can rip pages from books, but that leaves evidence of the fact. People can burn books, but there are always more books. Be wary of the web, because computer editing and manipulation are very hard, or impossible to detect, especially text. Anyone can post to, or reedit a Wiki entry.


  1. "The thing about quotes on the internet is that you can not confirm their validity."
    Abraham Lincoln


  2. Good one Mr D!
    Can I quote you for that one, or...?


  3. Let me rephrase my last sentence. One can TRY to edit a Wiki post, but there are moderators there who read and allow changes or not. Of course we're at the mercy of their "expertise".
    I am gratefull for Wiki's existance but some of the errors I have seen...