Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Talkin' 'bout the Midnight Special

It was a week after I posted High Flight, about 1 or 2am
as usual, and an info-mercial comes on. Yawn. It starts off
with something like ;"Do you remember when your TV did
this after midnight?" and the TV shows the American flag
and starts up the National Anthem. I'm weirding out by then.
It goes on to say; "Then on bla/bla/1972 it did this!"
Scenes start scrolling from Midnight Special. Wow Man,
I was there. Serious, I saw the 1st show, and a bunch
more after. It was a turning point for broadcast TV and
the night-owls amongst us.

That's right, they're selling DVDs of Midnight Special.
It's a subscription service not a library, and the types
of music are mixed together like the original shows.
There's extra unbroadcast footage too. The live shows
had some of the great comedians of the day in between the
music acts. These were'nt part of the TV shows but are
included on the DVDs. Some good news, some not as good
some great!  I wish it was an archive where I could order my
choices and they'd burn me a DVD and send it.  
You hear that MTV?
Where's my credit card?


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