Thursday, May 7, 2009

Big News From Adept Rocketry

Adept Rocketry is celebrating its' 20th anniversery in
business. 20 good years IMO, I've been a customer since
the beginning.
Adept, while not the first producer of rocket electronics,
including altimeters, really set the benchmark for the
hobby, both then and now.
Tommy Billings, the owner, has also announced that he
has aquired some production and testing equipment. With
this enhanced in-house production capabilities, Tommy has
been able to reduce some prices, and is going to start
releaseing upgraded versions of his older, out of
production electronic products.

While I do have a few products from other manufacturers,
I have always been an Adept supporter, so I'm quite pleased,
and look forward to the re-release of a couple items I have
not been able to find adequate substitutes for.

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