Monday, May 11, 2009

Not so Awesome Blossom

I built the Awesome Blossom a few months ago.
Due to the drought and county burn bans and such
I didn't get to try it till last weekend. It's the
smallest monocopter I've built to date and was
meant to be powered by a ground blossom firework
which is installed in the picture. I got the idea
for the tubular hub from Art Applewhite's Helix
copters. When I found a tube that's a perfect
fit for a ground blossom, it just had to be done.
The wing is 7"span x 2"chord. It doesn't look it in
the pic, but the wing has about 8 deg of up pitch.
The flybar is a bamboo skewer.

Well, it didn't work.
It spun on the launch pin for about 5 seconds, but
never developed the speed it needed to takeoff.

A ground blossom normally gets lit and is set on the
ground, it then spins madly in a more or less
spherical pattern while the flame changes colors. As
fast as it spins by itself, I had high hopes for it
pushing a small monocopter, but no joy.

I've already built a new T-shaped 13mm motor mount
to plug in to the existing hub tube so that it'll
use modroc motors now, and still have an adjustable
motor pitch capability.

1 comment:

  1. The Awesome Blossom flies.
    Last Sunday, 6/14/09, I tried it twice. The 1st was on an A10-0T but it threw the motor mount right after takeoff. 2nd attempt was with an A3 [with more tape this time], and the flight was great!!
    I still ahve a theory to try for getting the ground blossom powered version into the air.

    No new photos, otherwise I would've made a new post out of this.