Tuesday, October 13, 2009

China Lake YouFoe Quiz

Here's another pic I found at China Lake Alumni.
The very first pic in the 1962 gallery.
I haven't seen one of these in at least 20 years.
I do know what it is.
Do you?


  1. Does it's name start with a Z or two?

  2. Oh No.
    I won't take the blame for this one.
    It didn't come out of my Lab.

  3. I was thinking of Zingers, due to the squashed shape and the supercharger.

  4. Aaah, I follow you now, but please word your answer as a complete statement for our other readers.

  5. The Marine Corps version is called GU11.

  6. I remember this being a plastic model kit in the 1970s--either Revell or Monogram--so what we're seeing here is a pretty good PhotoChop.

  7. Yes sir.
    I laughed hard when I first saw it.
    The Photoshop job is excellent but if you look close, you can see the decal edges and instead of an 'O' for Force, it's an 'A' for Farce.
    China Lake Alumni archive is a great place to scam it in. A lot of strange stuff there already.

  8. Definitely a fake. Look at the protruding engine, the feather-looking trialing wing edges, the lack of a canopy, and the 'air farce'. Pretty funny, though.