Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sidewinder on Steroids

Here's yet another gem I found at China Lake Alumni.
1970 gallery.  It's called the HAP Sidewinder. HAP
stands for High Altitude Project.  The limited research
I found indicates that it was created by combining a
Sparrow rocket motor with the front end of an AIM-9L.  
Some test flights were performed, but the project was
soon cancelled.

I've never been a big Sidewinder fan and the
proliferation of variants has always made the study of
them a bit bewildering.  Having admitted that, I must
say;  I LIKE THIS!

I can look up the 2 diameters and easily scale a drawing
from there.I have an Estes Python nosecone which will
serve for the Sidewinder seeker section,  or I can turn
one, as well as turning the transition section.  
Sigh... just add it to an already long list of unstarted
and semi-started projects

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