Friday, January 1, 2010

25% More Goblin

Pics by; KeithAlanK

Welcome to 2010.

This is my slightly upscale Goblin. I originally built it
for a halloween Goblin contest that was going to be
held at a launch at McGregor TX about 10 or so years
ago. The launch got rained out as I recall, but I'm
glad I built the new Goblin anyway.  It uses an Estes
Citation Red Max/Patriot black plastic nosecone. The
fins are 1/16" plywood through to the MMT, and the
airframe is BT-60 with 1 layer of 3oz glass. The
motor mount is 24mm for D12's thru small F reloads. 
Like the original Goblin it uses streamer recovery.

The demon artwork came from one of my favorite
comic books; Those Annoying Post Brothers by
. When I first saw that demon I thought of
the Goblin artwork, they're from different artists
but appear to be from the same Hell.
The Indecline art on the left fin is from a stenciled
graffitti that is on freight cars all over the country.
I skewed the art slightly to better fit the fin, and
now the character looks like he's walking downhill.
Indecline inclined.

As a kid I built an original Goblin kit, making it my
first D kit though I never flew it on more than a C6-5.
The trees verging on my local field were already well
enough decorated with my model rockets. That Goblin
got scrapped long ago, but its' nosecone still flys on
another rocket.
The stand is a cast iron star that came from a Texican
gee-jaw store.  My brother gifted me several different
stars one Xmas after I flashed on the concept of using
them for rocket stands. Thanks bro.


  1. Sounds like at least 43.7876% more fun! Like those iron stars as rocket stands.

  2. Why the glassing? Assuming you built it decently strong, TTW plywood and BT-60 is perfectly strong for 24mm motors...

  3. Truly at least 50.21567%. Possibly more if I add my new Shadow Aero streamer.
    OTOH-The original concept of Goblin fun was its' small size. I'm contemplating a sub-scale Goblin, either 29mm or 24mm airframe. Either way I have the parabolic NC for the job.

    The Goblin doesn't actually need a rocket stand, the iron star was just hogging the photo op.

    The airframe strength is not an issue during ascent. I was more concerned with landing damage due to the fast descent on streamer.
    The last time I flew it, it landed on concrete.
    Chipped a fin of course but the airframe is fine.