Monday, November 7, 2011

Rockin' with Fizzie-Rocs

Fizzie powered toys rocked!

I consider one of these to be my second flying rocket after the Korny-7 but my first real thrust powered rocket.
A recent web search yielded several similar rockets of this type and most look close enough to my recollection so as to make no never mind. They operated as water rockets powered by water and a fizzie type tablet. Pour in the water with the provided funnel/measuring cup, drop in the pellet[s] and quickly insert the nozzle plug. Then turn the rocket upright and insert the plug assembly in the pad base which is attached to the ground with a large nail, back-away and pull the release string. No recovery system, thus the rubber nose tip.

Vinegar and baking soda would probably fly just as well but the fact that the fizzie is in pellet form allows time for insertion of the nozzle plug where a quick dissolving powder would not.
I don't recall what became of this rocket but I know I put it on the 2nd story apartment roof at least once.

About the same time, or not long after, there were a couple other fizzie powered toys, a squirt pistol and a submarine. The sub definetely used more than one pellet and would drive forward, dive, then resurface. I wanted that sub. I did have the gun one summer. Both were also red plastic.

These were toys that, like pump-up water-rocs were an idea that were ahead of the materials technology of the day. Polystyrene doesn't hold up well enough. Polycarbonate [Lexan], PET and similar plastics have allowed the reintroduction of such products


  1. Pretty cool. If I had one I'd experiment with 'EX' fuels :) Pop Rocks come to mind, although there is probably a good reason that wouldn't work.

  2. Actually, Pop-Rocks might be a good possibility.
    Off to the store, then the Lab!

  3. Interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

  4. I picked up some of the fuel for this rocket on ebay a while back :) There's some photos on my website here - Would love to see one fly!