Monday, June 18, 2012

25 Years in Tripoli

I was puzzled when my recent Tripoli renewal came back in a small bubble wrap lined envelope instead of a standard correspondence envelope.  I open it up and out comes this shiny  pin, WOW.  I hadn't given it much thought, but I've been a member of Tripoli Rocketry Association for 25 years now!  I'm temped to get all cliche and say; time flies when you're having fun,  but mostly it just flies.

Needless to say, I have a very low membership number, in fact they had to add two zeros to the front of it over the years. What is surprising is that due to attrition  over the intervening centuries there are less than 50 members now with lower numbers. For my part, I don't consider this any kind of elitism, just hardcore rocketry.

My brother Keith composed this photo, and it was his idea to add the rocket motor.  It's a 38mm Vulcan I250 Smokey Sam and nearly that old itself.


  1. love these … so cool, well done you

  2. Active members in TRA and/or NAR with low numbers are my heros.

  3. Awww shucks guys!

    BTW; The I250ss was our very first motor that you could actually stick your pinky through the nozzle and touch the propellant. [This was several years before reloads came around.] A heady experience for a young rocket god. "Wow, it really is rubbery!"

  4. Most hobbiests will recognize the background as a self-healing cutting mat. With a 1" grid pattern and lo-gloss finish (it's a matte mat), they've become popular as backdrops for hobby macro photography. On opposite sides of town at very nearly the same time (Within a week or so.), Keith and I each decided to aquire one. His is principally for photo work and occasional cutting. Me, I was sick to death of snapping the tips off of brand new #11 blades!