Friday, March 20, 2009

Advertising That Swings

Blue Tube may well be the next new thing for
rocketry. The fact that it was engineered as a
liner inside artillery shells already lends it a
major cool factor.  Beating  it with a golf club
makes a pretty powerful statement.
This pic shows the worst damage to the Blue
Tube of the 3 pics on the website.
Check out;
Makes me wish some mishap would overtake
my current tubing inventory.


  1. Is that tubing truly stronger or does it just flex more then bounce-back to pass the angry golfer test?
    I didn't check out the site--is there any mention of how this material handles epoxy gription?

    BTW--Gription is a perfectly cromulent word.

  2. Both.
    It is flexible. It will egg if you stand on it, and return to shape. Most importand is that it has VERY HIGH compression strength. I forgot whether the other sample is hard phenolic or flex phenolic. Probably the later since it's not a pile of chips. It is said to handle like other unreinforced rocket tubing, adhesive gription included, but not need the reinforcement. Cheaper and weaker than filament wound Fiberglass tubing and Preglassed flex phenolic, but well strong enough for sport use without having to 'glass it yourself.
    So they say.

    He said cromulent.

  3. (Note to self: Can't edit comments)

    How many of your prairie dogs would this tubing have saved?
    A noble tube embiggens the smallest man.

  4. Amd emboldens said man, that he may bathe before his peers.

    I imagine I could KILL more prairie dogs with this tubing. The last RU486 flight proved I have the inbound velocity...

    Wiki aside, I've heard and used gription before.