Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sugar Motor Data II

Today, we're looking at the data for the second
motor tested last month. This one is 538-M2.
The M in the designation stands for Moonburn.
In the lower illustration, you can see that the 
motors core is offset to one side, instead of in
the center.  As the motor burns, consuming
the propellant, the remaining propellant looks
like a waning crescent moon.
I about fell in love with moonburners back in the
'80's, when there were a number of them available
to choose from. Later they all but disappeared
from the market. This was a major prod for me to
start making my own motors.  BTW; Publishing
these motor graphs was the final prod to start this
blog. By nature, a classic moonburner is typically
slow to reach maximum thrust, so I wasn't going to
fly this motor design until I saw a thrust graph.
I intend to test a couple more to be sure, but in my
motor, the thrust does rise quickly, so it looks like
I have a great sport motor here. I'll fly them as such
soon, but I was originally trying to make a clustered
airstart motor. I still want a somewhat slower thrust
ramp up, to avoid disturbing the rocket's trajectory 
if the motors in the cluster lights unevenly.

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