Monday, March 23, 2009

What's In Zzakk's Garage Today?

For my first post on this joint-effort website (really it's all about Ken) I thought I would introduce myself and then get right down to business.
I'm the younger Zzakk, and one of my blogs is the enormously popular to ignore Zzakk's Garage where I post snapshots which four people on the planet think are funny.
Then I write stuff using swear words to go with the pics.

Around here I'm pretty much just your host's site admin and go-to photographer, so I hope you'll forgive the occasional distracting post from me.

Let's take a look at What's In Zzakk's Garage Today?

Hey look! Wheel chocks (to secure my band's equipment trailer) are inside my garage.

They look just like USAF chocks I remember from ages ago.
And it appears that they have been dragged across the tarmac for decades judging by the rounded ends.

Wood and rope--so simple yet so important.

When dropped-off with the trailer I asked "So these are old enough to have been used on T38s and even T37s"?
The answer was affirmative but I also heard a hint of duh in his voice.

While pondering this matter I was thinking aloud and made some cracks about USAF procurement and billing, such as "Do you think they replaced the ropes every two years or only after they failed?" but got kneecapped by my girlfriend's response along the lines that the chocks were finally ready to be given to the Navy.


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  1. The Air Force hasn't bought that shade of flouro orange since the mid '60's. There were too many officers brats stealing it to repaint hippy Volkswagons. Thus it's likely that those were originally T33 wheel chocks.